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Welcome to Mixed by Design, a brick and mortar home store by acclaimed Interior Design Studio, R Johnston Interiors. The shop, located in Old Town Newhall, CA is filled with fabulous finds for homes of every style.
Founder, Rebecca Johnston, opened Mixed by Design when she saw a huge gap in the furniture and decor being offered to those looking for something unique, a piece that tells a story, or aligns with how they welcome people into their homes. As designers, we don't promote the one style design look, it's too cookie cutter to us, and our clients are anything but cookie cutter! Every home should speak to the family living within those walls and be curated over time to tell your story.


Passionate about the products she sources for her design clients, Rebecca wanted to bring that designer collection experience to folks looking for furniture and décor but are not quite ready to hire a full service interior designer. What makes the ”designer’s eye” so special is the ability to see how various pieces and styles can come together to create truly unique and custom interiors. Here at Mixed by Design, it’s all about the mix. It's what we most love about design.  The mix of old and new, shiny and matte, traditional and get the idea! We don’t do cookie cutter or matchy-matchy. We believe in curating your collection of home furnishings overtime and intentionally to tell your design story.


We believe in sustainable design and doing our part in protecting our environment. We opened Mixed by Design in many ways because we always tell our clients that investing in a piece you love, a piece well made, is one of the best things you can do when shopping for your home. Every year, the EPA reports that 9.8 million tons of furniture is thrown away! MIX-ing up your furniture is about building longevity into your home, extending the life of each piece as your style changes over time. We source pieces for the collection that we know are well made, beautifully and uniquely designed and will remain one of your favorites for decades to come. Check out our blog posts for tips on choosing the right piece for you to build longevity in your furnishings.


Mixed by Design’s philosophy is extremely simple: Fewer, Better. We have a lifetime to curate our homes, and while as designer’s, we understand the impatience and the temptation of the fast fashion culture, don’t give in. We say “it’s just not built like it use to” all the time, but the reality is we don’t buy like we use to. Saving up to bring the right pieces into your home will make a lifetime of difference to the overall health of our world.
Welcome to our shop, we hope you find great inspiration and that piece you've always wanted! We are here for you, so please email us questions, or come into the new brick and mortar shop:
24267 Main Street | Old Town Newhall California 91321


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