With the opening of the new Mixed by Design brick and mortar shop, we are so excited to be on the hunt for someone to join us in this exciting time of growth!

The new shop has been incredibly exciting to get open. With the increased size of the shop we have been able to dream big about the fabulous furniture and home decor we can bring to our community. However, what we are missing is someone to help us keep those dreams going! We are looking for an individual who is energetic, organized, and excited about the oppertunities that come with a growing business.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know -- email us at hello@mixedbydesignshop.com


Apply ASAP -- we are looking to fill position by Mid-October

Welcome to our Shop!

Mixed by Design is all about the MIX!  It's what we most love about design.  The mix of old and new, shiny and matte, traditional and modern....you get the idea!  So take a look around.  We hope you find some fresh inspiration to mix up your own interiors.

We believe in sustainable design and doing our part in protecting our environment. We opened MBD in many ways because we always tell our clients that investing in a piece you love, a piece well made, is one of the best things you can do when shopping for your home. Every year, the EPA reports that 9.8 million tons of furniture is thrown away! MIX-ing up your furniture is about building longevity into your home, extending the life of each piece as your style changes over time.

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