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MIX by RJohnston Interiors is all about the MIX!  It's what we most love about design.  The mix of old and new, shiny and matte, traditional and get the idea!  So take a look around.  We hope you find some fresh inspiration to mix up your own interiors.

We believe in sustainable design and doing our part in protecting our environment. We opened MIX in many ways because we always tell our clients that investing in a piece you love, a piece well made, is one of the best things you can do when shopping for your home. Every year, the EPA reports that 9.8 million tons of furniture is thrown away! MIX-ing up your furniture is about building longevity into your home, extending the life of each piece as your style changes over time.


If you're new here, these boards are a great place to start! We change them up from time to time as new product comes out, but the idea will remain the same - we want to help you envision your space as you shop! So we pulled together concept boards filled with furniture and accessories centered around a design taste, but MIXed with pieces we think work well together. Start with one board and work your way to another, find out what best reflects your taste and style! ENJOY!!

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