Over the Phone Design Service

Need help with designing your home but don’t feel like your needs require a full-service interior designer? Do you think all your questions can be answered over the phone with a professional? Our goal by the end of our phone call is to give you guidance in the right direction and have a clear vision for your space.  

Whether you need help deciding paint colors or you can’t seem to make a decision and need a designer’s opinion our (name of service) can lead you in the right direction to having the room of your dreams.  


Your time is valued, and we want to provide you with worthwhile advice and design tips and for this to happen we need you to come prepared to your appointment.

  • Before your appointment, email us quality photos of the room.
    1. We can’t help you if we can’t see the space. Providing us with clear images of the room from different perspectives allows us to see what you’re seeing.
  • Let us know the room you need help with and your goal for that space.
    1. By answering this it will allow our interior designers to provide great solutions since each space is unique to the user.
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