Meet the Artist:

Chris Coleman lives a full life as a husband, father, musician, entrepreneur, photographer, and painter.
His journey as an artist first brought him from Atlanta to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams in 2002. He has traveled the world playing music (with rock band Luna Halo, his wife Holly Williams, and the Kings of Leon). On his travels, he began pointing his camera to share his adventures with fans, as well as sharpen his artistic eye. Still yearning for more forms of artistic expression, Chris started painting simple images that reflected his love of history and the Old West. On paper with black paint, brush and finger, he created powerful images that evoke strong emotions from the viewer, a longing for what was or might have been. Most of his work is done at his house in 12th South in Nashville, TN just down the street from their “general store for the modern day tastemaker”.



Specialty: Giclee on Watercolor Paper, Hand Deckled and Floated on Mat
Medium: Watercolor Paper
Treatment: Deckled and Floated on Mat
Size: 44"w x 64"h

Frame: M0273SUB1 - Distressed Black and Gold
1.25″ x 1.25″