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While we LOVE that you are here, shopping online (hopefully with your feet up, glass of wine precariously balanced so its not too far away) -- we do highly encourage you to come in and shop in person! We source pieces for the shop that sometimes just NEED to be seen in person to understand their true value. We get pieces in in all the time that even blow our mind with how special they truly are! 


But in the meantime - shop away you creative you! 

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Entertaining Season is here!

Honoring the art of craft cocktails, fine wine, and craft beer with gorgeous glassware and accessories. Designed with professional bartenders and sommeliers, our glassware and tools collection is made from high-quality materials. Explore red wine glasses, white wine glasses, tulip glasses and beer tasting sets, and decanters for an elevated glassware collection. We love to make our guests feel special and this collection really does the trick!